Our services for buyers:

Market analysis

We only offer our customers properties that are priced correctly according to our market analyses

Tailored to your needs

We take the time to understand your needs and look for the right object until you are wish less happy.

Advice and support

Our service is not limited to process before the purchase. We are happy to assist you afterwards, for example with the furnishing of the property, as well as craftmen’s work or also the support during absence through regular inspections.

German Standards

As our Brookers/ Owners are both born and raised in Germany and have spent most of their working life in German companies, you can rely on values such as diligence, thoroughness and punctuality, for which the German work system is known worldwide

Land register entry

We accompany you during all official procedures and the processes around the land register registration.

Be Independent But Not Alone

We as your brokers always next to you we will be.