About Us

Our Values


Real estate is our hobby.


We work transparent and give you regular feedback.


Our real estate agents are MYK certified and are trained through regular seminars of the RE/ MAX Academy.


We check the title deeds and let the payment process be acommpany notariel.


After the purchase you can still count on us, we manage your real estate for you.

Respect and helpfulness

Respect and helpfulness are our main values! Neighter the price of the property nor if the purchase happen does not matter.

Through an international service standarts adjusted working method, we want to be 
the first  adresse for our lokal, as well as our forgein costumers, Investors and Cooperation 
partners, that comes to mind when thinking about reliability in the real estate industry.
Through this working method we want asure international interested parties security, in order to 
win you over for turkey.

Punctuality, trustworthiness, diligence and honesty are part of our philosophy.
Depending on those virtues we want to provide an added value and the best 
possible advise in the real estate industry for our buyers, sellers and buisness associates.

Why Bamboo? 
The Bamboo keeps the world record for fastest growing plant on this planet.
It grows so fast, that you can see the growing progress with your naked eye.
We want together with our buisness associates a healthy and record breaking progress,
just like the bamboo.